Corporate Wellness

There are four main pillars of well-being - nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. With NourishMe Daily Meals we can help with company-wide nutrition. Eating well as part of a better lifestyle will have several benefits, which will filter down into the workplace. With NourishMe, staff can order ahead of time, saving the hassle of last minute ordering, or ordering when hungry and not making the best food choices. With a great-tasting, healthy meal in hand, team members can step away from their desks, find a comfortable place in the office, or outside, and enjoy being nourished.

The NourishMe advantage :

  • Order ahead of time and beat the lunch rush.
  • Vegetarian meals with 100% plant-based options delivered to your office.
  • The freshest of meals, guaranteed. Made with minimal processed ingredients.
  • Large menu selection including favourites such as nasi lemak, curry laksa and kimchi fried rice.
  • Great value for meals with high nutritional value.

Benefits to the company:

  • Well nourished employees will enjoy better health, which can result i lower absenteeism, and less medical benefit claims.
  • Our nutritious meals banish post-lunch slumps, thus upping productivity.
  • Healthy employees are happier, more creative and more productive.
  • Meal provision is one of the most tangible ways of demonstrating employee welfare and care.
  • A company that cares for its employees always achieves higher staff retention.

We also offer talks and workshops on nutrition and wellness to help guide and motivate employees to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Let us know if this is something you would like to explore. We are also happy to tailor lifestyle solutions to particular pain points in your company.

Better nourished staff means a higher accomplishing organisation.

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