Our Famous Nasi Lemak

  • Food Matters Team
  • January 16, 2018

Our version of the popular Malaysian Nasi Lemak has been a favourite from the start. We've taken all the delicious components and worked on them to make them healthier. This is what we do differently from the traditional recipe.

- Our brown rice is tossed with virgin coconut oil instead of cooked in santan. Virgin coconut oil has many health benefits including trimming belly fat and boosting the immune system.

- We bake our peanuts and ikan bilis instead of frying them which means there is no added oil in these two important components.

- Our curry chicken is tossed in yogurt and spices and marinated before it's baked. Once again packed with flavour without unnecessary fat.

- And for the most important component, the sambal, we use minimal oil when it comes to frying it and it's olive oil that goes into.

It also comes with the standard boiled egg and cucumber which are both healthy and nutritious on their own so no changes were needed there.

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